Are There Other Worlds?

Are There Other Worlds?



There is a theory that every time we make a decision, we create another universe. Personally, I love the idea. Not sure it only takes a decision to create another world, but let’s not nitpick here.

My enthusiasm for the concept is fanned by what-if.

What if alternate worlds, with their own alternate histories and cultures, were real?

There is potential there for more stories than the human mind could possibly make up. One of the many appeals is that what we perceive to be our rules could be turned completely on their heads in that other world. Think about it…in this other world, their skies have different stars, which creates weather radically different from our own. As a result, their terrain is more desert-like, harsh and more likely to kill than ours. Their architecture has evolved as a response to the afore-mentioned weather, they rely on the technology of smart-homes to provide their sustenance, but wait…what does that look like?

What if someone on that world has discovered their planet is turning against its people and they have to find another planet that will support life within two generations? Taking that one step further…what if the brightest of their people have no idea how to make that a reality? What if a space exploration ship crashes on their home-world, and the pilot has knowledge that jump-starts the push those folks need to get off their planet?

See? The possibilities are exciting!

The example I gave above is actually the premise for a story I’m working on. At first, it was a tease in a piece of fan fiction I wrote. But the more I wrote, the more I realized I had the foundation of a potentially intriguing tale. So my tease has evolved. Whether it will end up being a novella or a full novel is yet to be determined. If it takes life as a self-published or traditionally published work shopped from publisher to publisher…we’ll see.


For now, I’m having a lot of fun exploring my world. Their smart homes, and their inability to figure out how to get their people off the planet before it goes boom. Their culture, their myths and how do they play into their reality that they’ve not always lived on that particular planet. How did they get there? And how could they have lost the knowledge that got them there in the first place?


Is my story speculative fiction, eco-fiction or science fiction? I’ll worry about that at three in the morning when I can’t sleep. Will I market this to spec fic readers? While that does take planning and forethought, I’m not going to worry about it right now. Today, I have to figure out how these folks got to their planet two hundred years ago, and why no one preserved the knowledge.



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