Disfigured By Hatred, Redeemed By Love


Today, I’d like to offer an exclusive peek into my novel-in-progress, “Lies We Tell”. LWT is about the struggles of two women who are both scarred by their past, physically and emotionally. Here’s the tagline from the novel, ‘Disfigured by hatred, but redeemed by love…’

This is a special deleted scene between the two main characters, Honour Elliot and Bree Donovan.


Bree looked down at her boots and then directly at Honour. “On occasion, my right leg becomes nearly useless. The doctors are unable to explain why. I have resigned myself to it. However, it is increasingly difficult to hide the condition. When the weakness strikes, I am unable to do little more than shuffle to use the facilities.”

“Why do you hide it?”

Bree looked out at the mausoleum as she answered. “I am a proud woman, Miss Elliot. You must realize there are many who would exploit my weakness. I cannot be seen as weak.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t have anyone on staff who would take advantage of you. From what I hear, they are all extremely loyal to you.”

“I believe Mrs. Vaughan suspects. When I am laid up and unable to take my meals in the dining room, she has brought trays up to me, but she never speaks of those times. Nor have I.”

“I see.” Honour nodded. “You needed someone to not only trust with your estate but also with your secret.”

“You have proven to be as astute as you are reputed to be. Discretion was also assured.”

“Your secret is as safe with me as my own, Miss Donovan.”

Bree studied Honour carefully and nodded once again. “My condition has been known to creep up on me some days, and on occasion slam into me suddenly. It’s duration is also unpredictable. I’m afraid I can tell you no more than that.”

So there’s your exclusive peek! Intrigued? Want to see more? Drop me a line at dragonquillca@gmail.com or in the comments section on this post!

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