Words for Wednesday!



So, here’s a new thing for me, well, relatively new. It’s called Words for Wednesday. The premise is that the WFW host post a list of words on their blog, and we take the words and write a little  piece of micro/flash/short fiction using those words.

Here are this week’s words, hosted on Riot Kitty’s blog;


So here is my contribution!

It didn’t matter how much coffee I drank or how many cats I petted, I still couldn’t focus on the cards in front me. I let loose with a string of profanity that would make my pastor shake his head in disappointment if he’d heard. The flowers wilted and I squinted at them, disgusted by their lack of vigor. I shook my head and tried to concentrate on writing in the thank you cards I’d pulled aside for this very occasion. then I realized I didn’t have my glasses on and I’d been trying to write with a red crayon!

Needless to say another string of profanity laced the air, and the cats abandoned me for purer, quieter sleeping places.

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