What’s On Your Shelves?

One of the bloggers I follow (waves to Jamie at Live To Write – Write To Live) posted a photo of her writershelf, and I thought it was cute. Even her cat. (Don’t tell my dog Harley, okay?) Well, all I have is one bookcase, but I think it’s interesting. It is a mix of DIY, fiction, writing books, and did I mention fiction? Speculative fiction, horror, humor, fantasy, a couple collections of short stories, old books (pre-1970) that we’ve collected, and a mish-mash of books on tea, knitting, crystals, herbs and homesteading. It’s a crazy only-slightly-organized mess, but here it is.

1) The top shelf is a combination of reference, writing manuals, fantasy (Piers Anthony, J.R.R Tolkien, Marion Zimmer Bradley), science fiction (Arthur C. Clarke) and lesbian fiction (Lori Lake, Radclyffe, J.P Mercer) and one lone Dean Koontz book.

2) Second shelf is a combination of manuals, fantasy, crime (Kathy Reichs), short story collections, and more reference.

3) Third shelf is a hodge-podge of homesteading, fantasy (more M.Z.B), dystopian end-of-the-world stuff (A. American), more spec-fic, gardening, quilting (Jennifer Chiaverini) knitting (Yarn Harlot) and crochet.

4) Even more reference on DIY, preserving, more lesbian fiction (behind the stack of fantasy), more fantasy over to the right and more reference books.

5) This is the shelf you can’t see because I couldn’t get it all in the photo without showing you messy stuff in the room. On this shelf is almost all of the Harry Potter series (I’m missing one measley book!), quite a few Patricia Cornwell books, more crime by J.D Robb, more Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your shelves?


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15 thoughts on “What’s On Your Shelves?

  1. We have lots of bookcases. Mostly stuffed at least two deep.
    Fantasy, memoirs, crime fiction, biographies, diaries.
    The books are (mostly) stored in alphabetical order by author. Some at least of your books also grace our shelves. Do you have MZB’s Sword and Sorceress series?


  2. Thanks for joining in the fun, Carolyn! 🙂
    Loved seeing your shelves. Now I’m kind of wanting to catalog and share my fiction collection, but … that would take WAY too long. I love the way your shelf appears to be almost bursting at the seams – ready to overflow with reading goodness. That’s a lovely sight!

    Happy reading (and writing!) !!


  3. I don’t have a bookshelf ! I’ve spent the last 5 year’s replacing all but a few of my huge book collection with e-books. My house was swamped with 6 massive book cases and I couldn’t move about properly or add any more to my collection. So now all my books are on my computer and backed up on a portable hard drive in a collection several thousand strong. I manage it through Calibre. I read both fiction and non-fiction. My preferred fiction genres are fantasy, historical, thrillers, crime, lesbian fiction. Preferred non-fiction is ancient rome, ancient near east, roman Britain, American civil war, ww1 ww2, medical advancement during times of war, true crime, forensics and history of forensics, diseases and medical history in general, archaeology, geology, lesbian history, Victorian history, history of erotica and probably a lot more I can’t think of right now!

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  4. I love this! We are currently in the process of moving so my babies are currently boxed up, but the majority of my shelf space is usually taken up with homesteading, gardening, make it yourself type books, and I usually have a stack of rubbish but in a guilty pleasure sort of way fiction from the library to justify the number of them I go through.


  5. Hard to say what’s on my shelves anymore…All 14 look like yours; the rest of my books are in stacks on the floor, and boxes…lots of boxes. Got some Horror, fantasy (dark and high), science fiction, dictionaries, encyclopedias, language books, geology books, travel books, books on flora and fauna, folk and fairy tales, French medieval history, Native American history, true ghost stories, fictionalized ghost stories, classics, Literary Criticism, psychology, physics, math, religion….When I die a small town will get a library….somewhere….

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