Go Off-World!


I can hardly believe it, but my short story ‘If It’s Easy’ is now available at Inktera and Tolino Books! Who is Tolino Books, I can hear you asking? They are Germany’s online bookstore answer (recently expanded to Belgium) to the Amazon behemoth, and the third largest english language market for e-books in the world. Inktera claims over a million books in their catalogue. And, literally just in, ‘If It’s Easy’ is now also available at Scribd, and Page Foundry, as well as Kobo and Apple iBooks!

This is great news for readers looking for markets outside of the Amazon bubble.

This short read is the prequel to the ‘Infinite Worlds’ series. Grab your copy today and get in on the dimension-hopping fun!

5 thoughts on “Go Off-World!

    • Well, as easy as I find Amazon and Kindle, I know there are people who can’t use them, or refuse to. They’d like to support a business that isn’t a behemoth/dictator/GIANT! So this is one way to help get the word out.


  1. That is so exciting, congratulations!! And also for helping to spread the word of Amazon alternatives, because really, we need more of those.


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