One Billion Down…



It’s a shame we don’t hear more about the quest to understand the universe around us.

For instance, did you know there was a satellite cruising around the sun, mapping the stars?

The European Space Agency  launched a spacecraft back in 2013 to do just that.

Using  a billion-pixel camera and two telescopes, Gaia has produced a one-of-a-kind space cartography wonder…the map of the heavens that reveals the placement of a billion stars.*

Think about that for a moment…

A billion stars.

It’s crazy to think that out of that many bodies out there in space, we’re the only inhabited rock.

What do you think, are we alone in the universe, or is the day coming that visitors from elsewhere in space come knocking at our door?

*You can find the full article here

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9 thoughts on “One Billion Down…

  1. I am pretty certain we are not alone. And not nearly as special as we think we are.
    I sometimes think that ‘not being contacted’ is one of the surest signs of alien intelligence. Why invite someone to visit when it is painfully clear that they arent housetrained….?


  2. I think it’s statistically impossible for this world to be the only space rock that sustains complex life. The universe is too complex to not have variations on the theme of this world.
    I think that the major creation stories, including the Judeo-Christian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Hindu, and Celtic traditions reflect this.
    All of them a panoply of beings interacting with this world from the “heavens”.
    I love finding “sci-fi” that examines this…”Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” the Earth is a Super Computer, destroyed by another Super Computer for taking its job “Men In Black” has a Galaxy on a dog’s collar and a world in a locker. “StarGate” had Egyptian gods as humanoids infected by mind altering/controlling parasitic worms.
    As the Bard says “There is more in Heaven and Earth…than are Dreamt of in your philosophy”

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    • I agree! With so many places life is possible out in the universe, I refuse to believe we’re alone. Besides, just because we’ve not found evidence of life yet on planets we think could support life…doesn’t mean there isn’t life out there. They might just be hanging out on places inhospitable to us.


      • Look at the extremophile organisms that exist on this planet…whole ecosystems thriving, under pressure that crushes submarines, with no connection to “solar power”. Life in chemical soup so toxic, humans have to don protective gear to sample.
        Nature abhors a vacuum. “Space” is not exempt.
        The question is, would we even recognize non-terestrial life if we happened to stumble upon it. Our working definition is flawed and simplistic.


      • Very true. Most people think we’re looking for intelligent beings we can communicate with. What if they’re like the dolphin? They’re intelligent, and we can communicate with them. On a limited basis, but we can. We might have passed over a signal and not even known it.


  3. I kind of hope they are something along the lines of the Crystalline Entity of StarTrek, or the pure energy/waveform Entities of StarGate. Something so foreign that it is outside the collective experience of our world. And yet so obviously alive that they can not be denied. Force a paradigm shift.

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