Why You Want To Sign Up!


Why Should You Sign Up For My Newsletter?


  • Even if you follow me on social media, we all know how fast those feeds move and how quickly a snippet of tantalizing news can be lost in the flood, right? So sign up for my newsletter, and don’t worry about missing out again. You can open the newsletter at your leisure, and read it in your pyjamas too, if you want!
  • Perhaps you tried out a few different forms of social media and found they weren’t for you. No worries, you won’t miss a thing if you aren’t on social media. Just sign up for the newsletter and know that I won’t make a pest of myself. You’ll only hear from me a couple of times a month.
  • Because my fictional world is fueled by “what if?” concepts, I try to stay current with the quest for news from outer space. Often, on-going research will not only educate my fiction, but sometimes turn my work in unexpected directions. I’ll share that research and discuss what’s noteworthy in the quest for life on other planets and in other realms.
  • Even when I have no new releases to share just yet, I’ll let you in on exclusive glimpses of my works in progress, update you with my progress, as well as sneak peeks behind the scenes and occasional free short fiction!
  • Think of the newsletter as a way for you and I to sit down and talk about what we’re interested in — what’s new in the world of ‘space-stuff’, or maybe that new anthology of ‘new weird’ fiction we’ve heard about, or maybe that new piece of tech everyone is talking about, and hey, did you hear that SETI is investigating a signal they got back? I promise this newsletter won’t be the same old “Buy my work” pitch that goes on endlessly. Yeah, I’ll provide links where you can buy my work if you want to, but I want to smack sleazy salesmen in the forehead with a trout, so I assure you, that’s not my goal here.
  • Because I hate getting unwanted email myself, I promise not to lend out your email address, or name, to anyone. Not even if they try and bribe me with chocolate cake. I won’t sell your information either…not even if hot fudge sauce was drizzled over the aforementioned cake.  


So tap the ‘Newsletter Sign Up Form’ near the top of the home screen and rest assured you won’t miss a second of good stuff!

6 thoughts on “Why You Want To Sign Up!

    • That’s a great question! I intend to have a couple of surprises in each newsletter that only subscribers will see. Free, exclusive short fiction, interviews with characters, perhaps even bits of artwork as I envision aspects of other worlds. In short, I’ll always try to provide some kind of exclusive content for newsletter subscribers. I’m glad you asked!


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