Asgardia-Home of The Norse Gods, Or Humanity?



Are you tired of political squabbles here on Earth? Bored with unpredictable, killer weather season after season? The solution is simple. A proposed ‘space nation’ called Asgardia is now accepting applications for future citizens.

Yes, you read that correctly.

By October 14th of this year (2016), a whopping three hundred thousand people have already applied. The founder and major proponent of the concept is aiming for one million. But, don’t write this guy off as a crank just yet. He’s not some unstable fella with grandiose ideas. Igor Ashurbeyli is not only a nanoscientist, he’s also the founder of the Aerospace International Research Center and Chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space committee.

According to the website,”Asgardia is the prototype of a free and unrestricted society which holds knowledge, intelligence and science at its core along with the recognition of the ultimate value of human life.”

There are three parts to the concept behind Asgardia – philosophical, legal and scientific/technological, and the underlying essence is peace in space. They want to serve everyone, regardless of their personal welfare or the prosperity of the country they were born in. Asgardia also sees a need to rise above the “unresolvable conflicts” of countries on Earth. One of their legal principles is that Asgardia not interfere in relations between states on Earth, and they’d like the same in return, thanks. They also want to see universal law and astropolitics replace geopolitics and international space law, enabling developing countries to have free and direct access to a scientific base of knowledge in space. Another of Asgardia’s goals is to protect Earth from asteroids, comets and a variety of other space threats.

Asgardia is applying for nation status with the U.N, complete with plans for a flag, insignia and anthem. But recognition as a nation requires territory, citizens and support from member nations also within the U.N. Asgardia will launch a satellite next year, but it will be unoccupied. Does that count as territory, no matter how many ‘citizens’ Asgardia claims? It’s too early to say if the idea will find support among the U.N membership.

The founder is quick to point out that he is not selling pieces of land on the moon, or selling anything at all – right now. Work is currently paid for from private funds, but there is room for crowd funding as well as private donations.

In the meantime, anyone can apply for Asgardian citizenship

Will you?

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