Words For Wednesday!


Here’s today’s words for inspiration. Use as many as you can in a short piece of fiction, or poem. You can share your work in our comments below or on your own blog. If you choose to post them on your blog, please leave a link here so we can visit!

So without further delay,

  • boots
  • cross stitch
  • hospital
  • President
  • planet
  • fairy
  • skin
  • loved

16 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday!

  1. Keeping to the topic of the day….here’s my attempt. 🙂

    “Hillary can now hang up her BOOTS. Because she won’t be stepping back inside the White House as PRESIDENT she’ll have time to take up CROSS-STITCH-ing. I saw a nice FAIRY pattern the other day. I might send it across to her…C.O.D.

    Clinton discovered she isn’t as LOVED as she thought she was. Did the discovery give her palpitations causing her to be rushed off to HOSPITAL?

    Her celebrity sycophants went off the PLANET in despair at her loss. And Bill was relieved he didn’t have to share his cigars with anyone.”


  2. I too have been out all day.
    A particularly gruelling shift at Lifeline.

    Here is my take on the words.
    The cats who made their home in the hospital grounds were feral. Which didn’t mean that they weren’t loved. The children who spent long weeks and months undergoing treatment had names for them all. The President was large, black and beautiful. From time to time another cat would challenge him for the position of ‘top-dog’. That cat always retired quickly, with bleeding cross stitch patterns etched into its skin and ears.
    Boots was a dainty thing. Almost fairy-like. She emerged to sun herself when it was quiet, and her white feet meant her name was inevitable.
    Saturn was a grey and white cat, with the planet she was named after clearly depicted on her flanks.
    Officially they were all classed as pests and discouraged. However, they made the children and their families smile. Rare and precious. The Charge Nurse put out milk and uneaten meals into the sunny courtyard every afternoon. And the tired, discouraged patients and their families wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  3. Thank you Carolyn for more challenging words for Wednesday. I have combined WFW with Veteran’s Day salute and posted it on my blog with a couple of pictures. Here is my contribution.

    STANDING UP by Granny Annie

    Once upon a time
    They were all new recruits
    Sailing, flying, marching
    In brand new BOOTS.

    Tucked in their pockets a
    CROSS STITCH from mom
    To keep a child safe
    To guard from all harm.

    Some returning with
    Limbs crushed and brittle
    Spending their time
    In the military HOSPITAL.

    Regardless of politics
    They were never hesitant
    To welcome a visit from
    The country’s PRESIDENT.

    Duty called and they went.
    It hit them like granite
    Ships loaded with body bags
    Was like a different PLANET.

    Held together by SKIN
    Tough faces grown pale
    Surely it was all
    Just a made up fairy tale.

    Sacrifice chosen not chosen
    Many had been shoved
    But today we can say that
    All are being LOVED.

    Yes today we salute
    Those who stand up for us
    Through thick and thin.
    Thank you for your service.



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