Words For Wednesday…Only Green

Apologies for late Words For Wednesday this week, I am sicker than a dog. In the hopes you don’t catch whatever it is I have, here are some words to play with. As always, you can leave your fiction or poetry in the comments here, or on your own blog. If you choose to post to your own blog, please leave address here so we can check it out.

Many thanks, and apologies.

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13 thoughts on “Words For Wednesday…Only Green

  1. I hope you’re feeling 100% again very soon…take care.

    Here’s my tale for today….

    “There was no AWARD given for stupidity, but if there were, Maddie would win it, a hundred times over, much to the frustration of those who cared about her.

    Her LIFE up until that point had been carried out as if she lived in fairytale book of FICTION filled with UNICORNS and other fanciful creations.

    It was a STROKE of luck (or reality) that Peter came into her life and jolted her out of her unrealistic day-dreaming. Until his arrival in her life she seemed always to be lost in a COMA, living in her own private world of whimsical imaginings.
    Maddie refused to allow anyone into her unreal existence other than her two DOGS named “Silvermist” and “Tinkerbell”…that is until Peter flew into town!

    Even then, not giving up without a fight, Maddie told everyone who would listen to her that Peter had arrived by STARSHIP!”

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  2. Your words yanked on my heart strings a bit today, and reminded me how much I miss our Jacqueline.

    Some days reality is too much and life becomes a game I really don’t want to play. The news which dogs us is universally bad. Terrifying even. Politicians and celebrities getting their daily ego stroke. At our expense. Literally. The attention, the awards, the financial benefit gratify them, and fill me with despair.
    Decision time. Do I ask to be put into an induced coma until the nastiness goes away? Sadly I suspect I would need to live longer than Rip Van Winkle.
    So I take the other option. Fiction. Comfort reading at its best. Starships, unicorns, other worlds, other times…
    I am so very grateful to writers. All of them.

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