Teaser Tuesday!


I thought today I might tease you with a bit of an excerpt from my upcoming novel, ‘Infinite Worlds’

Across the vehicle, Devi stole a glance at Coriander before returning her own gaze out her window. She had confidence in the multiverse device, despite the fact it had been months since she’d used it. Just before she had met Coriander, Devi had made a short hop to the closest atmospheric-similar world she knew of. It had performed as expected then and there was no reason to think it would fail now. Especially if they tapped into the power of the energy pylons. She had faith in the technology, it was what awaited them that gave her cause to worry.

I’m nearly a quarter of the way through the first draft and getting more excited with every chapter. I hope today’s teaser left you wanting to know more.

What do you think, should I make Tuesday Teasers a regular feature here? Let me know in the comments section.

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