Aliens, Astronauts and Eggnog


I know you’re likely pretty busy this time of year, so I’ll make this brief. I’ve been posting here on the blog  about some things I thought we might find interesting, and a lot of you have been commenting on the content. Thank you! It’s great to see folks getting engaged.

Recently, I put out my ‘Christmas 2016’ edition of my newsletter, with some exclusive newsletter-subscribers-only content. A little surprise that’s not been here on the blog. That’s been the plan all along, a little…reward…let’s say for signing up to get the newsletter in your email. Have you subscribed? No? Let me assure you that I won’t barrage you with a flood of newsletters. I would rather release two a month with entertaining and intriguing content that won’t make you hit delete faster than I can mutter about colonizing the moon. I also promise not to release your email to anyone. Not even if they offer me hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows on top!

Over there on the right side of the page ————-> you should see a black box that says ‘FOLLOW’. Slap that, feed it your information and I solemnly swear to protect it against all aliens, astronauts and everyone else.

So what will you get? Entertaining little tidbits about the world of science fiction, the occasional review of a science fiction or speculative fiction book that moved me, updates on my own fiction, behind the scenes glimpses into the worlds populated by my characters, interviews with those same characters, news tidbits that relate to our quest for knowledge among the stars…so much good stuff! So if you find science fiction, or speculative fiction, interesting…sign up for the newsletter today! Got a friend that reads science fiction? Let them know about the Words & Worlds blog and newsletter. Spread the word, and they might just thank you for it. At the very least, you’ll have something new to talk about over eggnog, coffee or tea.

Until next time, dear readers, I wish you peace and knowledge.



4 thoughts on “Aliens, Astronauts and Eggnog

  1. You will have to go to my Question Of The Week. I think you would have an interesting answer. I read you always but don’t have much luck on following. I will try again today. Most that I follow are on my sidebar and you are definitely there.

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