Here’s A Question For You…


Question time, my lovely reader!

Can you name any science fiction, fantasy or speculative fiction books that have

  • indigenous/Native/First People as leaders of a culture/planet/world
  • queer/LGBT/trans/gender-fluid cultures portrayed as commonplace
  • disabled folks (visible or otherwise) as world leaders


If you know of any, shout out in the comments below and expand our reading horizons!


Next time, a review of Fletcher DeLancey’s fourth book in her brilliant ‘Caphenon’ series!

4 thoughts on “Here’s A Question For You…

  1. You have me thinking here.
    Ursula Le Guin leaps to mind for fluid sexuality, but I can’t remember which one.
    And people with disabilities are too often hidden. Or portrayed as brave. Which irritates me. Brave implies choice…


  2. Most of Trudi Canavan’s novels (especially the High Lord books) have different societies ranging from the sexually fluid to the crazily strict. Haven’t read them in a while, but if I remember correctly one of the magicians has an aha-moment about his own orientation as he is exposed to the different cultures. In another series of hers, indigenous people are in charge of their own culture and world (age of the five?).
    Can’t really think of other books fitting the parameters, though Rick Riordan’s books are filled with all of it to some degree or another.

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