Feeding Martians & Earthlings Alike


So it turns out that The Martian might have been onto something all along. Yes, the movie with Matt Damon.

Scientists have now proven that not only can potatoes be grown on Mars, which could be of enormous value when we colonize the red planet. Not only will our first generation of Martians benefit from this research, but so might the hundreds of thousands of Earthinglings suffering from chronic malnutrition and starvation.

No, it won’t solve all our food-related woes, but it’s a step.

Read the article here on Futurism

5 thoughts on “Feeding Martians & Earthlings Alike

  1. I enjoyed that movie and wondered if things could really be grown up there. I don’t think I’d ever move there, but as a ‘foodbowl’ source of vegetables it could certainly be useful.

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    • I found it interesting from the perspective that this information could be used to feed the hungry, not by using Mars as a farm, but an example of what can be grown in similar soil. But this does bode well for future colonization of Mars.


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