While We Wait For Zip…Words!

While we wait for Zip to figure out where he is and report back to us, here’s another fun installment of Words For Wednesday, as offered by Elephant’s Child, over on her blog.

(Zip will be back tomorrow)

  1. watch
  2. limit
  3. rush
  4. luminous
  5. dashing
  6. quack


Dakota checked her watch for the twelfth time, she didn’t want to be late for this meeting. Her editor was no quack, but a tall, dashing woman who knew all the right people in the publishing world. She could make or break Dakota’s career with one meeting. The luminous watch face said Dakota was ten minutes early, and that was fine with her, even if she did rush around earlier trying to get ready. She didn’t want to limit her career by being tardy.



Dakota turned to find her editor standing beside a woman with a friendly smile, wrinkles at her eyes that had seen the world, and gray hair that stood out in every direction.

Her editor continued. “I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, Margaret…”

“Atwood,” Dakota finished with a smile.

“Yes,” Ms. Atwood reached out and shook her hand. “Elise tells me that you could make a hell of a mark on the world with a little guidance. She’s asked me to be your mentor, what do you say?”

The End?


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