A Cold Day For Murder – Review


I finished reading this in the wee hours of this morning and was quite irked to find I didn’t have enough cash in the amazon account to buy the next one right away. Probably a hidden blessing since I didn’t get much sleep last night. anyway, on with the review!

This was the first book I’ve ever read of Dana’s, and I went into it knowing that frequently a first book in a series is slower than sap. There was a slow start, but I don’t mind those. I often felt like there was a book that should have come before this one that I missed. But I stuck with it. Stabenow’s writing is easy-going, pleasant and highly readable. Her characters are all unique, even Mutt. With one exception. The investigator sent after Miller kind of disappeared into the literary bush. I loved the way the author set the reader in scenes, whether Kate’s homestead, or Bernie’s Bar or her grandmother’s house.
The ending I was not so fond of. Yes, Miller’s disappearance storyline was wrapped up nicely. Made sense and all that, but after that? WTH? I had to check to make sure I wasn’t reading the teaser for the next book. Made no sense.
All that being said, I will buy the next book, because I want to see what happens next to Kate, and Mutt, lol. and because I have hopes that the next book will be better.
One down, 20 more to read!

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