Review: Under Your Skin



I thought the book that preceded this one was great, and its follow up is even better!
We’re taken along for the ride as Lauren and Catherine investigate an intriguing mystery that will affect thousands of people in Iowa, and millions more with a ripple effect.
All while planning their wedding.
Lee’s development of secondary characters we met in The Red Files continues here, and by the time I was done the book, I wanted Joshua as my new gay best friend. We get a better look at his boyfriend Tad, too. And by the end of this book, he was just as real to me as Josh. We also see the relationship between Catherine and Lauren evolve and grow but in a real way. Right down to their argument the day before they get married.
Lee has also made Lauren’s hometown, and especially the house and her Dreaming Tree, so vivid that the two places were practically characters in themselves. And how can I not discuss MeeMaw. That woman is an opinionated, blunt and warm powerhouse I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of!

I hope there is another Catherine and Lauren tale because I’d love to see them match wits again. They’re intelligent, funny, sarcastic, loving forces to be reckoned with. And if I could have coffee with them, I’d be there with bells on!

You can get a copy at the publisher’s website here

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