If It’s Easy



When a Djinn is discovered inside a popular author’s computer, it’s only the beginning of the strange twist Coriander’s life has taken. Now she’s on the cusp of an out-of-this-world adventure with a beautiful and exotic woman that’s stolen her heart and is offering much, much more than the moon. But this adventure will take Coriander far from home, with no guarantee she’ll get back any time soon.

Can she trust in love enough to take an incredibly large leap of faith? Can she live with herself if she turns down an opportunity of a lifetime?


A sneak peek:

“Here you go.” Devi held out a cold bottle wet with ice-water. “Did you want to sit down? There’s an unoccupied log near the fire.”

Once they were settled, Cori studied the other woman out of the corner of her eye. She was an exotic beauty with clear brown eyes that held flecks of gold, topped by high arching, dark eyebrows and skin that hinted at a heritage in the Middle East. “You have an interesting name, Coriander Wolf.” Her voice was gentle and slightly accented.

Cori ducked her head as she felt her face heat with the compliment. “Thank you. My parents wanted me to have a unique name I guess.”

“I think it’s a lovely name.” Devi leaned slightly toward her. “It reminds me of sunlit meadows.”

Coriander wasn’t often tongue-tied, but she could think of nothing witty or intelligent to say, so she studied the brown bottle in her hands instead.

If It’s Easy is only .99, less than tomorrow’s cup of coffee! You can find it at books2read.com in a variety of storefront for all kinds of reading devices or at Amazon for those of you with a Kindle or the Kindle reading app. If you enjoy the story, please leave a review or let me know via a comment below or an email.

Thanks so much!


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