Desperate – A Review


I enjoyed this novella more than I expected. It’s entertaining escapism to be sure, but I could see a trio of determined sisters pulling off something like this. At least until they got a reputation. But history is peppered with women that were forced to get creative if they didn’t want to make money on their backs, so there is a precedent for this type of creativity. Anyway, each of the sisters stood out on their own. Annabelle and Ruby each grew a backbone after life dealt them a bit of reality and they certainly had grit. Meg was already tough. This is a quick read, but an entertaining one. The cover is a little hokey, but the writing inside is better. The author is an award-winning and best-selling with far more books than just this one that you can find at her website.

I’m pleased to see it launched other stories about the sisters. I plan on looking those up.

You can find the novella at Amazon

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