The Knitters Dictionary – So Much More



I found the PDF version of this book far more helpful than the Kindle version. The Kindle version was six ways of messed up, but the PDF was glorious by comparison! This book is part knitters dictionary and part knitting encyclopedia. I learned so much! I found the section on reading charts extremely helpful as well as the section on Magic Loop (It’s always been a mystery to me). There is a great section on gauge that every knitter should know, whether they choose to ignore it or not. Also useful is the section that explains the differences between English knitting and Continental, and so on and so on.
As I said, this book is jampacked with knowledge, and written by one of the smartest and most engaging knitters this side of Elizabeth Zimmerman herself. Buy this book for yourself if you’re a knitter, or for a knitter you care about.

I plan on getting a dead-tree version of this book as soon as I can. I just know it will end up being the most consulted knitting book on my shelves!
I am honored to have been trusted with an ARC copy in exchange for a review.


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