The Authors Guide To Self-Publishing for Canadians – A Review



I thought this was a very useful, educational and helpful book.

So many ‘how to self-publish’ books out on the market are U.S based, but there are differences for Canadian authors in self-publishing. Barb shows the way to success and even mastery of various technical aspects of self-publishing, setting up a website, loading our manuscripts to different platforms, discusses the terms we need to know and the advantages of pursuing one path over another.
And so much more.

I was trying to keep notes, as I read the book, but even if you only need a specific section, you’ll find your answer here.
This book should be on the shelf/e-reader of EVERY Canadian author, self-published or not. Because even those who have a contract with a publishing house will learn a great deal. If only what questions to ask to fully understand your rights.


You can find it at Amazon, Kobo, Audible, Indigo, and a wide variety of other sources. I also recommend a visit to her website

You won’t be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “The Authors Guide To Self-Publishing for Canadians – A Review

  1. I completely agree, which is why I’m investing in professional editing for ‘Infinite Worlds’. I want my readers to enjoy the best story I can put out there. There’s enough garbage on the ‘net.


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