Shadows In The Water – A Review


A disturbing, brilliant, magnetic book! I had a very hard time putting this one down, and the only thing that made me put it down was the stupid clock. I don’t normally read paranormals, let alone paranormal thrillers, but that blurb drew me in and wouldn’t leave me alone. Magnetic, like I said. It disturbed me, the mental picture I got of Jabbers…I saw it behind my eyes when I closed them at 4 AM, I saw it when I blinked…I shivered, really truly shivered. I haven’t done that in relation to a book since King’s IT came out.
I cannot wait to get the second book in this series. This one was free, but I’ll happily and excitedly cough up whatever the second one will cost in order to find out what happens now to Lucy, Lou and Konstantine.
Brilliant…just brilliant!

I recommend a visit to the author’s website to find out more.

You can get your copy of Shadows In The Water here

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