Under The Bones, A Review



I loved this book even more than I loved #1, ‘Shadows In The Water’. It was fast paced, had a great human element, and did I mention Jabbers becomes a little more likable? Kory layers even more of Louie’s motivation and backstory into this novel, as well as her current…alliance (?) with Konstantine. There is action here, and a lot of it. There is justice, vengeance and near-perfect justice. This book, this series, is unlike anything else I have ever read. And in my 50 years of life, I’ve read a lot more than I’ve listed on Goodreads.

This series is listed as paranormal because of Louie’s gift. It is listed as action (or should be) because of Louie’s brand of justice. It should be considered a classic because of Kory’s ability to suck her readers in and not let go until the very end. To say her characters are realistic and well-drawn isn’t the whole truth. They are so real you feel like you could sit down and have coffee with them. Well…maybe not Louie. She’s not the type to sit down and swap gossip over a cup. You’d be best not to get her angry at you. Each important character in the Louie-verse, as I call it, has so much depth and so many nuances that you can’t help but form some sort of connection with them. Even Konstantine.

This book, this series, is multi-faceted, unforgettable and exquisite in its grip.
If you enjoy paranormal, YOU SHOULD READ THIS SERIES!

You can find it wherever you buy books, either in electronic form or the dead-tree kind.


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