The Witch’s Kind ~ A Review


This was not a genre book. There were no character motivations other than to keep a secret and survival. It’s not what you think it is. It is a moving, slightly disjointed book about Barrie Ann, and her Aunt Charlotte, and Willow, and eventually Emma. It is moving, it has heartbreaking parts, it has parts of generosity and wonder and so much more. I’ll warn you now though, once this book and its characters worm their way into you, they don’t let go.
This was another one that I read as much as I could, as solidly as I could. While eating, while driving, while in the bathroom, while I was supposed to be sleeping…you get it, right? I found myself awake at 4 AM wondering what would happen to them all now that I had closed the book. Now that the book was done…what happened to them after that? Did Emma grow up? Did she have the Gift? Was the farm successful? Did Will’s parents ever write again?
All these questions, and I might never know the answers.

This is literary fiction that outshines and surpasses all other lit fic I’ve read. And I’ve read a ton, despite what my Goodreads library will reveal.


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