There is so much I want to say about this book, I hardly know where to begin.

Before I forget, I want to talk about the cover. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. It grabbed me. Long before I read the blurb, actually. I love places like the one depicted on the cover, so I hoped the story behind it was as captivating as the cover. Kudos to the cover artist!

I’m going to parrot my partner here for just a second…I’ve never read anything like ‘Alone‘.
I love psychological fiction, LGBT or straight, it doesn’t matter. This book though…surpasses all of them. Because the writing gives us not just a glimpse, but an extended, intimate look into the psyche of someone who can live over a thousand days completely alone. It takes a very strong kind of person to be able to do that, I think. Whether the voices were a manifestation of Celeste’s Self, or Ego, or just cracks of insanity….it was both fascinating and disturbing to read. What kind of a mother does those sorts of things to a child? (I might never look at my cast iron frying pan in the same way)

How did Olivia…hmm, nope, can’t ask that without giving this other thing away.
How does one live like that for over a thousand days with only themselves for company? I mean, yeah, I need my alone time too (and rarely get it) but a thousand plus days worth? While reading this, I often wondered how I would have coped.

Just before I opened ‘Alone‘ I finished reading a book that had something like thirty characters, many of whom I forgot who they were and who they worked for. So to read a book just after with only two characters (not counting the voices) was a bit of a relief. And those two characters were so relatable, so easy to see, smell and hear that it was remarkable. I understood their motivations, their secrets and their anguish in the last third of the book. And it made perfect sense when those sweatpants showed up again.
(Read the book, you’ll understand)

I started the book just after dinner last night and I’m not ashamed to say that I was hooked by page 3. I read for a couple of hours, slept for a few and then was awake far, far earlier than I needed to be.
I woke up thinking about this book and cannot get it out of my head now. (I understand my partner’s comment now when she said “What do I read now? It’s ruined me”)
I am a fast reader by nature, but I consumed this book. I ate it up like a starving person.
It. Is. That. Good.

I cannot give this anything more than five stars, but damn I wish I could. I would give it 15.

I’ve never read anything else by this author, but I sure will now. You’re crazy if you don’t get your hands on this book. It’s brilliant.


My thanks to Bella Books for the ARC that allowed me to write this review. You should pick up a copy when it comes out May 16th.