What The Heck Is A Timbit?


 A ‘timbit’ is that part of the doughnut punched out to make a hole, and marketed separately. They were introduced at Tim Hortons coffee shops in 1976. As widely flavoured as their bigger cousins and are a favourite of kids and dogs alike. Frodo (Anais’ aunt’s dog) likes the ‘plain’ ones. To him, they’re edible toys, topped only by tennis balls.


Do you have a pet? Are you a dog, cat or gerbil ( or snake, rat or fish) person? Does your pet have a favourite treat or toy? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “What The Heck Is A Timbit?

  1. Timbits is a new term to me. And a sign of just how much business acumen goes into the Tim Horton’s franchise.
    I am an animal person, And very fond of cats. When Jazz is well, his favourite toy is me. Or ribbons. Or a small stuffed mouse. The late lamented Medlyn (also a cat) had a pet rock. Which lives in my jewellery box now.

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