Wanted: Belly Rubs

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Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

So I’ve already introduced you to the main character of my new book ‘Body In The Bush’, now let me introduce you to another important member of the cast.

Some characters come to me already formed, needing only a few details to be “fleshed out” as it were. Anais was like that. Her Aunt Anne, who you’ll meet next, was more or less like that. She needed a few more details that her neice did. But one character came galloping at me, ready to play ball and beg for a belly rub.

Here’s what my initial notes say for Frodo: Anne’s German Shepherd. Fiercely protective but is a big fan of Anais since being bribed with Timbits. Likes chasing tennis balls, car rides in the passenger seat of her Jeep, belly rubs and Anais’ partner, Lorne.

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Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

(You didn’t think I wanted the belly rubs I mentioned above, did you?)

Frodo was initially only supposed to be a drooling, non-judgemental companion for Anais, but he is already becoming so much more. He even has a role in solving the crime.

Lately, he’s been begging for a turn at the blog, but we’ll see.

Have you ever had a pet that took over more real estate in your heart than you expected?

One thought on “Wanted: Belly Rubs

  1. I have a HUGE soft spot for German Shepherds. I learned to walk pulling myself up on the tail of the family dog. He apparently just about crossed his legs so he didn’t pull me off my feet. I also (and decades late feel guilty) teethed on his ear. He apparently just looked mournful. He paid me out my draining my bottle every chance he got.
    That dog was trained for ‘man work’. My father gave exhibitions with him attacking (heavily padded up) intruders. And finished the act by tossing the ferocious dog’s lead to his toddler daughter.
    So many animals which have come into my life have wound their paws deep into my heart strings – and taken a piece of me with them when they left.

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