A Tragedy & A Mystery Resolved


(photo credit RCMP)

I probably spend far too much time researching Canadian crime, but it’s gratifying to find a story that can bring closure – even more than fifty years later. On a foggy August morning in 1959, pilot Ray Gran and conservation officer Harold Thompson were flying from Buffalo Narrows to La Loche, Sask. Sometime during the flight, their Cessna 180 single-engine airplane went down over Peter Pond Lake. Neither were ever heard from again.

But in January of this year (2019), RCMP divers on the URT (underwater recovery team) not only recovered the men’s remains, but they also laid Canadian flags at the wreckage site. Find out why, the role that family played, as well as why they waited to dive six months after the plane was found here.

Do any unsolved stories from your part of the world stand out in your memory?

4 thoughts on “A Tragedy & A Mystery Resolved

  1. How lovely for the families. So many are left to wonder/mourn forever.
    Missing people posters always tug on my heartstrings. There is a story attached to each and every one of them (mostly tragic – in either their reasons for leaving, or their failure to return).

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  2. Unfortunately I know all to well the emotional ties that become severed when a death without closure happens. It was 10 years ago this March 24th 2019 that my stepdaughter was murdered in London Ontario Canada. It is still an open investigation as Her killer(s) remains loose living his/her life without consequences. Every murder solved, every family that finds closure brings me joy and beautiful pain!

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    • My heart aches for your loss, I am so sorry she was so brutally taken from you. I’ll whisper a prayer to the universe that new evidence is found that leads to an arrest…and hopefully closure for you and your family.


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