One Walk In Winter ~ A Review


I would not describe myself as a romantic, so why was I reading this book? I read Georgia Beers to learn how to write settings well, how to write characters that stand out in memory and to be entertained. But not for the romance.
Until this book came along.

The settings, both interior and exterior are vivid and capture the reader’s imagination. The characters, even the front desk clerk and chef and Olivia’s Mom, stand out as unique, likeable and unforgettable. And Walter….oh Sir Walter captured my heart in one easy bound through the snow. And while Ms.Beers completely charmed me with her snowy woodlands, working art studio and a resort I’d love to spend time in…what won me over the most was the romance.

I am not a romantic person — except with my partner. But I ate up the dynamic between Hayley and Olivia. I cheered for them when they worked together and by Christmas Eve, I wanted them to get over themselves and admit there were sparks. I loved the romance in this, Ms. Beers’ best book yet.

If I ever give a romance book five stars, it has never been for the romance angle. This book changed all that.

This is the very first book I have ever read in my life that I actually said “awww” aloud when I finished it.
The. Very. First.

This is Georgia Beers at her best.

Why are you still here? Go read it!

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