In The Dark~ A Review


Never before have I read a book this unexpected, this twisty, this…phenomenal.

Loreth Anne White has written a vivid and intense mystery that will both keep you guessing, and clamouring for more by the end. Every time I thought I knew who was manipulating the characters, I’d find out I was wrong. The clues are so well-placed that they hardly seem important until pages later. The plot is full-steam-ahead and never lets up until the end. You’re always kept guessing, always wondering, never sure of that next chilling step.
This is man vs man, man vs nature and man vs self at its very best.

The setting is so well developed, so real, that it becomes just as much a killing force as any of the human characters. The wilderness can kill you, make no mistake. ‘In The Dark’ points this out in bold and then underlines it in case you missed the lesson the first time.

This is a stunning novel, written by a brilliant author. I am a new fan now, and likely will be for years to come.
Thank you Loreth Anne White, for sacrificing family time to write this, for sharing your white-hot talent and for trusting ARC readers.
Thank you also to NetGalley and Montlake for the system by which I found a new favourite, in exchange for an honest review.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find the rest of this ingenious author’s catalogue.

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