Body In The Bush…Wait…Where?


Here in the North, I am surrounded by the bush, so it made sense to have my Detective Anais Quinn live here too. But non-Northern readers may not be familiar with “the bush”.

So let me explain.

Wikipedia explains it best, “In northern Canada, “the bush” refers to the massive expanse of primarily coniferous trees that sprawl undeveloped. The term is not generally used in the southern parts of the country.


Bush flying refers to aircraft operations carried out in the bush. Bush flying involves operations in rough terrain where there are often no prepared landing strips or runways, frequently necessitating that bush planes be equipped with abnormally large tires, floats or skis. (This is what Anne’s (Anais’ aunt) boyfriend, Jackson Orr does for a living.) It is, even in this day and age, a hard reality that many Northern communities rely heavily on this form of transportation for everything from mail, groceries, building supplies, medical care, and much more.


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Until next time!

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