Show Me Your Ways! ~ A Review


I enjoyed this book, not only for its anecdotal feel but the tips and suggestions for living lighter on the land.

We all need to leave less of a carbon footprint, but often, many of us have no idea just how to do that. The author provides suggestions for reducing one’s trash, being less reliant on plastic-based food preservation items (which is tough!) and how to think about the places we live in.
She also gives up intimate glimpses of her own life and how she changed her way of thinking so that she could be a positive role model for her grandchildren. She talks about cows, knowing her steak, and his dad. She talks about having a closer relationship with the trees that surround her home, and how intense the dark is out in the bush. She discusses the folly of expecting to be able to eat watermelon in January as well, something I didn’t give thought to until I read this book.

There are wonderful photos of the wild animals that visit her, drool-worthy recipes (many with photos) and guidance on how and why to cut white sugar out of our diets. There are so many pearls of wisdom, but this is one of my favourite lines,
Change scares the shit out of people

So true. So read this book, and the changes we all need to make in our lives will be less scary.

Can you name one way you might reduce your carbon/environmental footprint? Shout out in the comments section below!

One thought on “Show Me Your Ways! ~ A Review

  1. I am working on it.
    Recently our supermarkets started a soft plastics recycling scheme which we have taken up – and are appalled at just how much of the stuff comes into our home.
    I recycle. I reuse. Not a lot of garbage goes to landfill from here.
    I compost. I have a worm farm.
    I use public transport and I walk (which is necessity rather than virtue because I don’t drive.
    And there is still more to be done.
    And yes change often scares the shit out of me.

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