Wild Times

Wild Times

An aged Western showman reflects over his long and colorful career 
Few bother to separate the myth of Colonel Hugh Cardiff from his real life. The nation knows him as a sharpshooter, buffalo hunter, moving pictures pioneer, and one-time proprietor of the greatest Wild West show the nation has ever seen. Some of the stories are true, some exaggerated, and some rank among the wildest of tall tales. But for a man who has lived like Colonel Cardiff, the facts trump the myth. In the spring of 1868, Denver is the richest, wildest city west of the Mississippi. When an overweight Easterner named Dr. Bogardus rolls into town to announce a shooting contest with a $1,000 prize, ears prick up. Young Hugh wins the shoot with an ancient muzzle-loading rifle, knocking glass balls out of the air and missing only four out of one hundred targets. He is famous at nineteen, and the Colonel’s wild life is just getting started.

I had read the paperback version of this book years ago – a copy from my library. I fell in love with the story. I was so glad to see it in ebook form years later, I had to buy it. It is every bit as charming and engaging as I remember. Fantastical in some aspects, surprisingly real in others. (There really was a Capt. Bogardus that was a champion shooter!) I will read, and re-read this book again and again. I highly recommend this book to every Western fan.

If you’re into Westerns, you can find this book in your favourite format at your favourite bookseller. Have you read this one yet?

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