What Makes A Good Female Sleuth?



I ramble around the web looking for blogs of interest while I eat my breakfast, and this morning I stumbled across a blog that had an article so interesting, I read it twice!

The author of the post discusses qualities that female sleuth ought to have in order for the reader to make a connection, and in order for the detective to maintain any sort of credibility. I found myself nodding as I read. I’m less tempted to shout at the main character if they know better than to go into a dark house with no flashlight in a storm, knowing the serial killer is somewhere in the house. (But so many do this very thing!) Other qualities are also mentioned, such as having ambitions greater than bagging a man, continue investigating once (and if) they marry, be reasonably smart and independent…and the list continues.

I felt this was a well-written post and one that has encouraged me to give the rest of the site a closer look. If you enjoy mysteries of any stripe with a female lead or even a sidekick with a head on her shoulders, I encourage you to head over and give the piece a read. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Follow this link, and then let me know what you thought!

One thought on “What Makes A Good Female Sleuth?

  1. It is an interesting post. Thank you.
    One of my favourite female slueths is married to Sherlock Holmes – and most certainly does not lett marriage diminish her. Have you come across this series by Laurie R King? I think the series might have gone on too long, but the early ones in particular are excellent.

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