A Good Western : A Hill of Beans


Even though this is #3 in the series, it was quite easy to read without having read the previous ones. I don’t think I missed out by jumping in at #3.

William W. Johnstone is the author of over 300 books, and while that kind of productivity as an author is staggering, this was my first introduction to his writing. It’s my understanding that this book was one of many written by either a basic outline or an unfinished manuscript by William W. Johnstone, after his death. While I found that tidbit interesting, as both an author and a reader, it did not detract from the story.

Let’s talk about the less-than-wonderful parts first.
There were a number of sentences that went on far too long. One in particular that stands out was an entire paragraph long. No, it was not dialogue. Passages like that can tire the reader. But I plowed on.
I would have liked to have been shown the land they rode through a bit more often. A better description of the cattle too.

Now, all that being said, this novel did have strengths.
The main character was well-developed, both in a easy-to-see sort of way and psychologically. His motivations were clear, relatable and he was a genuinely good guy.
Conflicts in the plot were resolved in a way that made sense for the land and the time.
It was an entertaining story that was easy to read and highly enjoyable.

I’m very glad Netgalley and the publisher granted me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “A Good Western : A Hill of Beans

  1. I am wondering how I would feel getting the ARC of a deceased writer’s book. I do love that his work lives on. I am wondering whether the mega sentences and lack of description relate to his work, or that of the author who finished the outline.
    And hooray for a series which can be picked up anywhere.

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