Too Close – Part 2

You can find part 1 here

And now on to part 2!

I had narrowly missed hitting a moose. We were so close that, had I wanted to, I could have reached out the open window to pat her side. I chose not to.

My fingers were clenched so tightly around the wheel, I wouldn’t be able to move until the adrenaline left my system. She turned her massive head more fully toward me, blew a giant moose-sigh of snot out of her nose and sauntered off into the bush. I sat sideways in the road, listened to my pulse pound through my veins and prayed there were no transport trucks coming my way. Several jangled heartbeats later, I did a three-point turn and got myself facing the right way, but pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. I rested my forehead on the steering wheel and waited to stop quivering. Finally, I lifted my head. 

The first thing I saw was a lurid yellow and black sign warning me of moose crossing. 

I put the Jeep into drive and gave the sign the finger as I pulled away.

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