Coyote Blues ~ A Review

I have so much I want to say about this book that I hardly know where to start.
First off, let’s talk about that cover. It’s eye-catching and mysterious – I couldn’t have resisted it if I tried.
Coyote Blues is so much more than just the story of Riley Dawson trying to make her way as a were-coyote. It is the story of family, of trust and faith and second chances. There are layers here that the blurb doesn’t hint at. There are characters I loved, one I hated, characters my heart broke for, some I cheered for and a couple I wanted to high-five. And all of them are completely necessary to the tale. They all feel so real, I want to sit and invite them over for dinner. Well, not Jim.

As with Ms. Williams’s other book, As The Crow Flies, I learned something new with this book, and I love it when fiction can teach me as well as entertain. I found myself noting entire passages in this novel, and then thinking about them when I wasn’t reading. Like the passage on the Karpman Triangle. (And what an eye-opener to see my own family reflected there!)
I still cannot get this book out of my mind, and I think it is a great testament to any author’s work if the reader thinks about a book long after they’ve finished reading it.

My life has been changed because I read this book, and I do not say that lightly or in jest. My life has literally been changed by Coyote Blues.
You have to read this.

3 thoughts on “Coyote Blues ~ A Review

  1. Books bring me comfort, education and escape. And sometimes pack them all into one package. I sometimes (often) think that my addiction to books is entirely rational and a form of self care.
    Thank you for filling me (again) with bookie lust.

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  2. Thanks for the review. We authors never know in what direction a novel will go when we first start writing. After several paranormal/urban fantasy novels — first about green witches, then fairies, then werecats — I thought, I want to write a werewolf story (in this case a werecoyote, because I live in such close proximity to these elusive, almost mystical creatures). Then came the crafting of a paranormal tale that touches upon multiple themes (romance, lycanthropy, social isolation, psychology, religion, family). Hope I succeeded in weaving them all into an entertaining and thought provoking read with, as always, a little humor thrown in.

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