Female Husbands

I’ve been intrigued lately by the story of Anne Lister, aka Gentleman Jack, an English landowner and diarist from West Yorkshire that lived from 1791-1870. She had a fascinating life. So when I came across a review of a book called “Female Husbands: A Trans History“, I was captivated and curious. It’s an intriguing review, given more bones by an interview with its author, Jen Manion.

In the interview, Manion talks about the research they did for the book, and how female husbands seemed to historically be common labourers, but bound by “whiteness”. Not at all what I expected! The author also describes how the fight for women’s equality was interlinked with the rise of female husbands, and how they were seen socially. It is a fascinating, but brief, interview, and I highly and enthusiastically recommend that you read it. Even if only to expand your horizons and understanding of your fellow “Man”. After all, we all need to understand one another better.

If you’ve already read the book, please chime in and let me know what you thought of it. Was it as interesting the review and interview make it seem?

2 thoughts on “Female Husbands

  1. These are the types of history I find endlessly fascinating.
    When I was a child history was taught as dates/rulers/battles to be memorised. I loathed it.
    Much, much later as my horizons were broadened I came to love it, and do mourn the years where I was not exploring…

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