So I’ve Been Meaning To Ask…

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Do you read? You do? Excellent! I like hanging out with other readers.

I enjoy reading a few different things, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, some steampunk. I wish I could find more solarpunk and climate fiction. There have been characters I remembered long after the book was closed. Over on Twitter today I asked, “What was the first book that made you cry?”

Of course, that got me thinking about the two books that I remember best for making me cry when I was younger. “Old Yeller” and “The Incredible Journey”. I cared about those animals, man, really cared. I can’t stand hearing or reading about an animal suffering, being neglected or abandoned. (Might be why I have a hard time reading Jack London)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to ask you, which character stands out as most memorable for you, in all that you’ve read? Let me know in the comments below!

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