A WLW book with a female President? Hell yeah!

I was sucked in by the cover, straightaway. You know that advice we hear all the time, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Pfft! You know we all do it! I admit, I do it too, and I did it this time. Lola Keeley and Ylva had me at the cover.

I was amused by Emily right off. She’s a spitfire with morals and a sense of righteousness a mile wide.
She is definitely someone I want on my side, never mind that she’s fighting for the environment. When she calls out POTUS for being a coward on environmental issues, President Calvin is intrigued by her. They have chemistry from the start, and they share some snappy moments, let me tell you!
The entire time I was reading this book (and it only took me two “sittings” to do so, thanks to being able to read while I cook), I kept thinking that it was like a literary soup made up of three different influences. 1 part “West Wing“, 1 part ‘Madame President‘ by Blaine Cooper & T. Novan, and 1 part something else I could not quite put my finger on.
I didn’t care. I ADORED this story. (Yes, those caps are intentional)

All of the characters lived and breathed, and damn did they drink a lot of wine! There was only one walk-on character I wish we’d seen more of, and that was President Calvin’s mother. There was angst and grief and hope and joy, pine trees and a teenager. There was patriotism and conniving and treachery and obviously political maneuvering that I wish we’d seen a little more of.

In the last few pages of this book, I realized what the missing third influence was on ‘Presidential‘.
An American President“, starring Michael Douglas and Annette Benning.
This book takes that influential, entertaining and memorable movie, twists it and makes it our own.

Presidential‘ is the story I needed now. It reminds us all that there is hope. There is something better than the current administration.
We can reach higher, and until we see one of our own in the White House, we have ‘Presidential’ by Lola Keeley.

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