Modern English ~ A Review

Modern English was a perfect introduction to Rachel Spangler’s writing for me. Yes, this was my first Spangler book and I am proud to say I now consider myself a “Spanglerite”, or die-hard Spangler fan. (Hey, if Xena can have Xenites, Rachael can have Spanglerites)

I fell so hard for Vic & Sophia, and their friends. Each and every one of them breathed so true for me that I connected with them without hesitation. I watched them argue, crush and fall for each other, I sat in the pub and drank with them and I wanted to slap nobility, which was a first for me. The landscape that they called home was so well written that I could smell the grass, the water and the ale. And that castle? I fell in love with it too. If I closed my eyes and reached out with my mind, I’m pretty sure I could feel stone under my fingertips and be struck dumb by the beauty of such a grand old architectural wonder.

I read so many books that sometimes I’m immune to the sex scenes. But in Modern English I found the most cranial, sexiest, intelligent love-making I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. But even more so than that, Vic and Sophia were equals. Not by the end, but all the way along. Sophia was just too daft to see it. They were equal partners who challenged each other to reach for their dreams while they supported each other and challenged each other to grow And that? THAT made me fall in love with the book, the characters and most importantly, Spangler’s writing genius. And I don’t toss those words around often.

It is saddening that I cannot give this book more than five stars. It is worthy, every word, of ten stars.
My name is Carolyn, and I am an unashamed Spanglerite.

Modern English is a #WLW romance novel, so if that’s what you like to read, get your copy here. (Tell them Carolyn sent you)

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