Introducing Uclandia

Uclandia is a single continent that has been separated into four Provinces all centered around one city. The city of Emperors – Imperial City.

Provincial borders have moved from time to time as the rulers lost ground or took it to suit their purposes through the ages. Uclandia’s various Emperors may or may not have taken notice.

This is a land rich in history, Gods, Goddesses and Saints.

It’s also about to be thrown into upheaval to suit the power-hungry whims of one woman who will fight for absolute rule. Over everything.

Banern Province is the Northern-most province, whose capital city is Wintershire

High in the mountains, it’s cold, windy, and generally not an easy place to live. Not much grows there. What Banern is known for, other than the cold, is its Habgar farms. Habgars would be most closely related to your goats. Only larger.

Banern Province exports Habgar fur, meat, and horn as well as silver, nickel, and various gemstones.

Uisgern Province (pronounced whis-gern) is in the east of Uclandia. The capital city is Eras.

This province is sunny, breezy, and generally pleasant to live in, although they can have fierce storms in the winter. Uisgern is home to fisherfolk, net makers, boat builders, artists, and instrument makers.

Uisgern exports fish, dried seaweed, pearls, various vegetables such as Praitubers, and leafy plants such as Vanasoom, which is used to make a tea-like drink.

The College of Kinderven is in Eras.

Glasgern is the Southernmost province in Uclandia, and the capital city is Fasach.

This province is known for its humid, tropical environment and the forests that grow there.

Glasgern exports wood, both common and exotic, and alchemy ingredients such as Tomba bark and lichens, tree flowers, and seoda mead.

Glasgernians whose families have lived there for multiple generations tend to have a bit of a dusky skin-tone, (think of a deep tan on our world)

Luingern Province (pronounced Loo-in-gern) stands at the Western flank of Uclandia. The capital city there is Fort Fairadell.

This Province makes use of two distinct regions within its borders and exports herbs, vegetables, copper, and a unique type of metal only made in Luigern Province. It is said to have different patterns depending on whose forge it was made at and never dulls. Fort Fairadell is the birthplace of the current Emperor, Fergus Euradech. Luingern Province is bisected by a line of low mountains, The Chonaic Ridge, which separates the Province into a green and lush seaside region, and dry, hard land on the interior side of the mountains.

Which province would you want to live in?

Next time, I’ll introduce you to some of the folk that call Uclandia home.

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