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You might have come across other people’s pages where they ask you to “become a Patron”, and maybe you wondered why this is such a big deal. Patreon is a safe and secure online platform that continues the old idea of supporting creative artists while they create art. Art looks differently now than it did in Michelangelo’s day. Modern creatives express their art through video, through podcasts, paintings, music, digital art, writing that takes on all sorts of lengths and forms and genres, fiber arts, sculpture…and the list goes on. Modern technology has changed not just what we deem is art, but also how we consume it. Even more recently, a world-wide pandemic has altered our consumption of art and entertainment. We no longer flock to venues to be entertained, or to study an artists vision brought to life through the media of their choice. It’s not safe to attend a lecture or a reading by one’s favorite author. So artistic-types I like to refer to as “creatives” have been forced to adapt, as have we all. Now, we reach out to you, our fans, with this new and not-so-new concept of supporting us in exchange for special perks.

Think of it like a membership club built on tiers. No, not tears…tiers. The more a fan pledges per month, or per work, the more exclusive their reward. There’s even a special something for a pledge of $1 per month. Those that pledge $3 per month get that special something plus a little extra. See how it works? Chances are, one of your favorite musicians, or illustrators or write is already on Patreon and you just didn’t realize it. You have an opportunity to offer them that little bit more freedom to create what they love.

I love the idea of creating work that reaches across distances and connects people, and I hope that one of those people is you. I enjoy offering others a little bit of escape through my stories. Together, we can help a hero win the day and bring justice to the bad guy! We can cheer a character as they find the strength to rise above their circumstances, and we can travel to other worlds without having to worry about social distancing. Your support will help me create even more stories, and guide the development of upcoming storylines, plots and characters. You can help me make writing my full-time job and shape the future of fiction! I’d love to have you join me on this wonderful adventure, so tap the button below and come along, won’t you?

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