What Readers Are Saying

Waaban: Dawn Kitten;

From San Francisco Review of Books

“The past can’t be outrun forever. Eventually, everyone has to face it.
Lani and April have wonderful chemistry. They are a very loving couple, and the best scenes in this short story show how they express their feelings for one another during their ordinary routines. What I liked most about their relationship is how understanding they are of one other’s points of view. Their sensitivity to one another’s needs made it a joy to read their tale… Read the rest of the review at San Francisco Review of Books



If It’s Easy;

With multiple five star reviews, here’s what readers are saying…

S.A Softley

“I enjoyed this short story as an interesting start to a light-hearted science fiction/fantasy serial. The story hooks the reader quickly and establishes the setting and characters at a pace that keeps the reader interested. Without spoiling too much of the story, it also leaves the door open for a huge variety of episodes and adventures.
‘If It’s Easy’ addresses relationships with honesty and clarity, ensuring that the relationships are integral to the story without overwhelming it.
Though I would have liked to read more detail and background about the characters and settings, I believe that Carolyn McBride has left the story open to explore these in further detail in later episodes.
Overall, a great quick read.


Amazon Customer

“It’s 30 pages so there’s not a lot one can say… …except it’s a really lovely read…”

** spoiler alert **

“A science fiction writer who lives in an idyllic village discovers a Djinn lives in her laptop. Then she meets a new arrival in town and they fall in love. The End. Ish.

There’s a bit of a twist at the end and it feels like the intro to a book along the lines of The Time Traveller’s Wife.

…and it’s simply brilliant.

The lead character is called Coriander Wolf – possibly one of the greatest lead character names I have ever come across, on a par with Shadow Moon or Atticus Finch.

Due to the inclusion of the Djinn – NOT a genie, the supernatural being makes clear – it feels like a gentle rumination on wish fulfillment, as Cori meets the partner of her dreams. Their first meeting is in a wonderfully romantic setting that makes the reader yearn to be outside in the night time somewhere the stars shine.

The Djinn almost acts as Cori’s internal voice, challenging her opinions or encouraging her to be brave.

The two women meet again, and Devi, the love interest, suggests the relationship could move into romantic territory. McBride uses the phrase, “a fishing trip” for how Devi gently probes as to whether Cori is single. Nice. I’m having that one…

The dialogue is to die for. Pure charm. Nobody would be able to resist falling for Devi. She says things everybody would want to hear from somebody you were starting to really feel strongly about.

There’s a gentle twist at the end, but these quick 30 pages are a breath of fresh air and make you want to fall in love with someone of your own.

I’ll definitely check out more of McBride’s work as this gorgeous little amuse-bouche makes me hungry for a more substantial dish.”


“The premise that some people don’t get a happy ending isn’t a new one but this romantic short story with an LGBTQ ‘twist’ and a slice of science fiction on the side, as it were, seeks to disprove that notion.

“If It’s Easy” by Carolyn McBride has made a good beginning, (it looks like there will be more to come) with the charming protagonist, Coriander Wolf, discovering a djinn in her computer, and an exotically beautiful mystery woman who dangles the possibility of traveling through multiverses before Cori . . .

Frankly, I can’t wait to read more!”

Mike Prince

“’If it’s Easy’ was a finely told LGBT romance short story with a touch of fantasy and whimsy that I found was very compelling and well written. It featured the story of a writer who was disenchanted with romance after a bad experience, and with the possible help of her computer, she found a connection with her neighbour who has a background in ancient civilizations. I left the story very satisfied and wanting to read more from this writer. I feel there is a whole world of universe of possibilities for this tale to further unfold!”


“This short story packs a lot of punch. From djinn inhabited computers to the concept of multiverse travel with a growing love between two women to add icing to the cake. McBride works her characters well and sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting ride in future installments. I look forward to reading more when it’s available.”