Repercussions ~ A Review


This review will be a bit biased, I admit it. Webb’s writing in this book is well-informed, fast-paced and intense. The reader cannot help but find themselves immersed in everything the main character feels. The book starts off a little slow but once it picks up…hang on tight!
I’m not sure why it took me so long to read this one, I’m a huge Webb fan, and the fact that she’s Canadian doesn’t hurt one bit, either.
I fell in love with her Kate Morrison series first, and I guess that bias is what kept me from really loving this book. There’s nothing wrong with this one, I just didn’t connect with the characters the way I’d hoped. But that’s okay. Not every book will be loved by every reader.
The important thing to remember here is that these characters are well drawn. Mostly. The bad guy needs a bit more motivation and explanation, I think.
There is a mystery to solve, a stuttering, struggling romance, old friendships and an intriguing look at a potential future tech.
This book is enthralling, driven and fast-paced. A solid four star read.
What are you still doing here? Go read it!

You can find your own copy here

Answering The Call – A Review


There are so many things to say about this book, I’ve actually been pondering this review for hours.

First off, it is a sequel. This is not a stand-alone book, and I wish I had known this before starting to read. I picked up on this early in the first pages when events were referenced and I had no idea what the characters were talking about. So I went back to Bold Strokes Books and bought the first book, ‘Calling The Dead’. Without going into that book’s review here, let me tell you the two books and their titles are as inter-woven and necessary to each other as a right shoe is to the left.

So, I’m going to assume that you’ve read ‘Calling The Dead’ and trust me when I say, you want to. Really. Now you’re wondering if this book is any good. It is not just good, it is a gut-grabbing, hair-curling, roller-coaster of twists and turns all wrapped in a murder mystery. This is not your grandmother’s mystery! There is blood and guts here, and lots of it. There are sick and twisted bad-guys with sick and demented goals. There are good guys and gals too, lots of them, who want to see the depravity stop and people protected. Chivalry, high emotion and love abounds here as well. The story is paced well and the characters, and there are many, are so well crafted, that you’ll swear they aren’t made-up. Both main families feel so real that you think that you could just call them up. There is only one question I was left with, but it makes no difference to the story.
Why is Sept’s hair white?

So in closing, first, get yourself a copy of ‘Calling The Dead’, then get yourself a copy of this book, ‘Answering The Call’. Prepare to lose yourself in a world of Ali Vali’s making. Leave the dishes unwashed, and let the dog out before you start reading because you won’t want to be disturbed afterward. Oh yeah, and enjoy Mike too.
Fabulously creepy cover, a wonderfully gripping story…what are you still doing here? Go get your own copy!

Second In Command – A Review


This book was a pleasant read. Not dark and twisty as I expected. The characters are memorable, even the one I wanted to slap for being spineless most of the time. She eventually breaks out of that pattern and grows, so don’t give up on her. The rest of the cast is so memorable, I was still thinking about some of them days later.

I’d like to see if these characters turn up anywhere else in the author’s imaginary universe. They’re the kind of people I could have Sunday brunch with. Wonder how I can get an invitation?

I was honored with an ARC from Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley. This book is due out December 11th.

Gnarled Hollow – A Review


Normally, I’m not one to read books that’ll scare me into staying awake, and for a little bit, that’s what this one did. But I had a really hard time putting it down. I don’t read horror, so I have no idea if the premise of this book is original, but it was sure new to me! I had to keep reading to find out what was so weird about the house. Doors that close on their own? Sure, I have those at my house. But that’s where the similarity ends, thank goodness.

I enjoyed the way the past was brought forward, the spontaneity of the aggression of the house…and there is aggression and danger, believe me. The way each of the characters responds to the house, to each other and to their jobs is fascinating.

In the end, I stayed up far later than I should have to finish this, and even though I’m not one for things that go bump in the night, I really hope there’s another book to follow this one. I’ll just read it with the lights on.

I was honored to be allowed an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.

You can find this delicious novel at Bold Strokes Books

Shadowboxer – A Review


I am a huge Jessica Webb fan, so I was thrilled when I was approved for an ARC copy! This book is unlike Webb’s others.
It is darker, grittier, a little more hesitant and complex. And she can write complex and twisty wonderfully! These characters are unlike her others in a few ways. These folks are full of secrets, agendas and past baggage so deep you need to call the bellboy! It was a great read, trying to figure out who the “bad guy” was, and then being shocked at the end, ’cause I didn’t see that coming! It took me a little while to get into it, because boxing holds no interest for me. But once I stopped dwelling on that, I enjoyed the story quite a bit.
Once again, Webb is at the top of her game with complex characters, hidden motivations and more twists than a map would help with.
I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who likes their fiction multi-layered. You can find this wonderful book at Bold Strokes Books

Take Your Time – A Review


This is another instalment in the Pine Cone trilogy, and it’s just as charming as Take A Chance. This one though focuses on Grace and Dani and their slow burn romance. It’s a constant push-pull between them, and even though I didn’t think much of Dani at first, I grew to like her bravado and protectiveness. She was so flawed it was hard not to fall for her better side.
You don’t have to read the Pine Cone trilogy in any specific order, and I love the concept of each author taking one of the books. It must have been a challenge writing them, but a lot of fun too.
I’m off to find Missouri Vaun’s contribution now!

You should totally read this book! You can find it at Bold Strokes Books