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Do you read? You do? Excellent! I like hanging out with other readers.

I enjoy reading a few different things, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, some steampunk. I wish I could find more solarpunk and climate fiction. There have been characters I remembered long after the book was closed. Over on Twitter today I asked, “What was the first book that made you cry?”

Of course, that got me thinking about the two books that I remember best for making me cry when I was younger. “Old Yeller” and “The Incredible Journey”. I cared about those animals, man, really cared. I can’t stand hearing or reading about an animal suffering, being neglected or abandoned. (Might be why I have a hard time reading Jack London)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to ask you, which character stands out as most memorable for you, in all that you’ve read? Let me know in the comments below!

As The Crow Flies


I hardly know where to start gushing about this book!

I expected a typical run-of-the-mill romance. I got so, so much more than that.

Ms. Williams is a superb writer, a story-teller in the finest sense of the word. She understands the fine dance of engaging your reader, sucking them in, capturing their heart and their imagination, and does not let go until the final word.

One of the central characters is Bertha the Crow, shown on the front cover. She is unique, smart, generous and loyal. More than I can say about some people I know. Sam, Liz, Gwen, and Isabel are all so well written that I want to go and have dinner with them. They have such captivating and intelligent conversations – they discuss everything from art history, quantum physics, string theory, the multi-verse, even possession and auric attachments. Even though I already knew about multi-verse theories and auric cameras, I did learn a great deal about other topics, so rest assured, this is not romantic fluff!

The level of writing is top-notch. It’s not all seriousness either. Check out this passage,
“…Everything was fine in the straight world until, one day, while Ken was away on a business trip and Skipper was at camp, Midge came over for a swim and found Barbie by the pool. Midge made margaritas, Barbie put on music, one thing led to another – what can I say? – the whole Mattel household went to hell.”
You can’t help but laugh out loud!

The author’s skill at writing visually enchanting passages is at a level rarely seen. In fact, her words painted such vivid pictures that my heart broke more than once. (Read the book, you’ll see what I mean). There are books we read, others we are absorbed by – consumed by – but this novel drew me in until the world around me faded away and was replaced by one constructed of images painted by written words. I did not want to leave that world, and I was sorry to see the story end.
This is a rare and moving novel that will teach you, break your heart, and show you what true love is.

Get it. Read it. You won’t regret it.

‘Where We Are’ A Wonderful Surprise!


I almost did not get this book, but am I ever glad my partner talked me into it!

There are layers to this story that I’ve not seen in many other books. It is so much more than I expected. The characters are well-drawn and realistic, but this book’s gifts go beyond just that. They’ve each suffered a loss that had brought them to their knees, and when we meet them, they’ve learned how to pick themselves up and move forward. One of the main characters, Sid, is an art gallery curator. In the book, there is a description of a painting hanging in her father’s great room. From the description alone, without knowing who the artist was or the title of the painting, I knew which painting it was. The description was that good! Sid and Mia have a discussion about the Group of Seven, and I admit, I was surprised at the level of intelligence and depth in that conversation. I did not expect to find the Group of Seven in this book, so that was a nice surprise. Another gem was the dimes that kept popping up throughout the story. (Read it, you’ll see what I mean).

All in all, this is an intelligent enemies to friends to lovers tale. The romance is complicated, as it should be. The two main characters are both experienced in life and love, smart, headstrong, and driven. Another thing that impressed me was the love scenes. Even they were a cut above most I’ve read. There was an emotional connection, which is rare in most fiction, straight or same-gender. The physical reactions weren’t the same old thing we’ve seen a hundred times, the descriptions weren’t over-done and even I read them in their entirety. (Which my partner can tell you is rare)

This was my first exposure to this author, and I have every intention of getting every one of her books as she writes them. If I could give her more than five stars, I would. Sharp writing, great characters, dogs, and all that food… This one deserves 8 stars for sure!

Thanks to Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

One Walk In Winter ~ A Review


I would not describe myself as a romantic, so why was I reading this book? I read Georgia Beers to learn how to write settings well, how to write characters that stand out in memory and to be entertained. But not for the romance.
Until this book came along.

The settings, both interior and exterior are vivid and capture the reader’s imagination. The characters, even the front desk clerk and chef and Olivia’s Mom, stand out as unique, likeable and unforgettable. And Walter….oh Sir Walter captured my heart in one easy bound through the snow. And while Ms.Beers completely charmed me with her snowy woodlands, working art studio and a resort I’d love to spend time in…what won me over the most was the romance.

I am not a romantic person — except with my partner. But I ate up the dynamic between Hayley and Olivia. I cheered for them when they worked together and by Christmas Eve, I wanted them to get over themselves and admit there were sparks. I loved the romance in this, Ms. Beers’ best book yet.

If I ever give a romance book five stars, it has never been for the romance angle. This book changed all that.

This is the very first book I have ever read in my life that I actually said “awww” aloud when I finished it.
The. Very. First.

This is Georgia Beers at her best.

Why are you still here? Go read it!

Wanted: Belly Rubs

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So I’ve already introduced you to the main character of my new book ‘Body In The Bush’, now let me introduce you to another important member of the cast.

Some characters come to me already formed, needing only a few details to be “fleshed out” as it were. Anais was like that. Her Aunt Anne, who you’ll meet next, was more or less like that. She needed a few more details that her neice did. But one character came galloping at me, ready to play ball and beg for a belly rub.

Here’s what my initial notes say for Frodo: Anne’s German Shepherd. Fiercely protective but is a big fan of Anais since being bribed with Timbits. Likes chasing tennis balls, car rides in the passenger seat of her Jeep, belly rubs and Anais’ partner, Lorne.

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(You didn’t think I wanted the belly rubs I mentioned above, did you?)

Frodo was initially only supposed to be a drooling, non-judgemental companion for Anais, but he is already becoming so much more. He even has a role in solving the crime.

Lately, he’s been begging for a turn at the blog, but we’ll see.

Have you ever had a pet that took over more real estate in your heart than you expected?