Shaken To The Core – A Review


As with most of Jae’s work, I enjoyed it. Normally, I’m not one for historical romances, but Jae seems to be the exception to that. I liked that this book has a connection to Backwards To Oregon (which I also enjoyed). I connected with the characters easily, even Lucy. In the end, I even liked the newspaper editor a little.
And as much as I am tweaked out by rats, I appreciated their presence, if only to make the setting and conditions in San Fransisco a little more realistic. It only makes sense that they would have displaced as well.

It was refreshing to see that it took the main characters so long to admit their feelings for each other, and then even longer to kiss. Within that time frame, it was completely plausible.

I was a little disappointed when it ended, I have to admit. If a sequel ever makes an appearance, I’d absolutely buy it!

You can find ‘Shaken To The Core’ at Ylva Publishing