Where Is Your Catalog?

I’ve been writing in two genres recently, mystery and westerns. My mystery, ‘Body In The Bush‘ is a novel-length police procedural set here in Northern Ontario.

Detective Anais Quinn has returned to Sitka Cove and has been tasked with discovering who the body is wrapped around a tree and left for the wild animals. The puzzles and questions pile up while Anais tries to figure out who killed the victim. I’m having a great time writing it!

I’m only days away from releasing my first Western short story! I read pretty widely in the Western genre and I’m confident that you won’t find any other short story like mine.

A town is held captive by one man who rules with fear and secrets until a stranger rides in looking for medical help with a snake bite. ‘Undercover Justice‘ is a heck of a ride you won’t want to miss!

Here is where you can find my work for sale, whether you are a fan of Amazon or not.

If It’s Easy


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Undercover Justice

Body In The Bush (Coming soon)