Introducing My LesFic: Great Deals On Lesbian Fiction, by Harper and Caroline

Finally, lesbian fiction readers and authors have a focused tool at our disposal!

Women and Words

Hey, everybody! Harper Bliss stopped by with her wife Caroline to tell us about a new project they’ve launched that I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be interested in.

So let’s check it out!

Introducing My LesFic: Great Deals On Lesbian Fiction

Show of virtual hands: how many of you enjoy reading lesbian fiction? How many of you like to take advantage of a discount? How many of you are subscribed to BookBub or a similar service so you can combine both? How many of you are satisfied with how many lesbian fiction books you find in these promotional emails?
The number of raised hands was probably close to zero for the fourth question. If book promotion services have any LGBT books at all, they’re usually of the m/m variety.

This is a problem that we experience, both as readers and as writers/publishers.
I think most lesfic writers will agree that…

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A Cold Day For Murder – Review


I finished reading this in the wee hours of this morning and was quite irked to find I didn’t have enough cash in the amazon account to buy the next one right away. Probably a hidden blessing since I didn’t get much sleep last night. anyway, on with the review!

This was the first book I’ve ever read of Dana’s, and I went into it knowing that frequently a first book in a series is slower than sap. There was a slow start, but I don’t mind those. I often felt like there was a book that should have come before this one that I missed. But I stuck with it. Stabenow’s writing is easy-going, pleasant and highly readable. Her characters are all unique, even Mutt. With one exception. The investigator sent after Miller kind of disappeared into the literary bush. I loved the way the author set the reader in scenes, whether Kate’s homestead, or Bernie’s Bar or her grandmother’s house.
The ending I was not so fond of. Yes, Miller’s disappearance storyline was wrapped up nicely. Made sense and all that, but after that? WTH? I had to check to make sure I wasn’t reading the teaser for the next book. Made no sense.
All that being said, I will buy the next book, because I want to see what happens next to Kate, and Mutt, lol. and because I have hopes that the next book will be better.
One down, 20 more to read!

The Continuing Saga of Zip Harrington, Asteroid Ornament

After padding along a near-silent and empty hall for what seemed a lifetime, Zip finally came upon an opening in the featureless wall. He peered in and pulled his head back out quickly so it couldn’t be used for some sort of alien target practice. When no shots came, he peered in again.

A table was set, and behind it sat an old man, who looked back at Zip with a steady gaze.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Zip looked carefully at the rest of the room to ensure there were no others waiting with weapons.

“You have my word, you will not be harmed.”

Zip took a cautious step in and was surprised to find the floor warm. He looked at the floor quickly and then back up at the old man. “What kind of game is this?”

“No games. We simply do not see the point in warming spaces that we do not linger in.”

Zip, space mercenary, afraid of no one, took a hesitant step inside the room.

“Come and eat, you must be hungry,” the old man gestured to the tabletop.

Zip studied his companion before sitting down. There was no way to guess at his age, his skin looked more like aged leather than flesh. His skull was longer than any human Zip had ever met, but he had eyes the shade of blue many women back on Earth would have killed for. He wore robes swirled with many colours, shot through with silver threads reminiscent of nebulas.

“I have given you my word that you will not be harmed,” the stranger gestured to the seat across from him. “That includes the food. You will find it surpasses anything you had back on Earth.”

“Yeah, you’ve given me your word, alright, but I don’t know who you are, so I don’t know that your word means much, do I?” Zip said while approaching the table.


“I am called D’Rar, of the Merudue. This is my ship and my crew. My word means a great deal among my people,” D’Rar lifted the cover off one of the dishes in front of him and the smell of meatloaf wafted up to make Zip’s stomach growl again.

“Humans bodies make strange noises when they have not taken sustenance for some time,” D’Rar observed. “Perhaps you should silence it before it turns on you.”

Zip chuckled, in spite of himself.

D’Rar took all the covers off the dishes spread out on the table, revealing all of Zip’s favorites from home. “We have gone to great lengths to ensure you would enjoy these. Please do not waste those efforts.”

“Fine…” Zip sat across from his host, picked up a scoop-shaped instrument and took a tentative taste of the dish in front of him. It was indeed meatloaf, and it was wonderful.

Zip dug into the dish with no further hesitation, speaking before he’d swallowed. “This is great, but why go through all this, just for me? I was almost dead.”

“We have saved you so that you might do a small favor for us.”

“Yeah? What’s that?” Zip asked as he eyed something that looked like creamed corn.


“We wish to hire you to remove the K’erini.”

“Who’s that, another captain that opposed you or something?” Zip asked as he took a bite of sweet watermelon.

“The K’erini have been my people’s enemies for generations. They steal our young, destroy our outposts, murder us in our sleep if they can find us…we wish them…eliminated.”

“Wait,” Zip held up a hand and swallowed his mouthful of food. “You want me to kill an enemy race that is capable of destroying whole outposts?”

“That is correct.” D’Rar replied with a beatific smile.

To be continued!

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While We Wait For Zip…Words!

While we wait for Zip to figure out where he is and report back to us, here’s another fun installment of Words For Wednesday, as offered by Elephant’s Child, over on her blog.

(Zip will be back tomorrow)

  1. watch
  2. limit
  3. rush
  4. luminous
  5. dashing
  6. quack


Dakota checked her watch for the twelfth time, she didn’t want to be late for this meeting. Her editor was no quack, but a tall, dashing woman who knew all the right people in the publishing world. She could make or break Dakota’s career with one meeting. The luminous watch face said Dakota was ten minutes early, and that was fine with her, even if she did rush around earlier trying to get ready. She didn’t want to limit her career by being tardy.



Dakota turned to find her editor standing beside a woman with a friendly smile, wrinkles at her eyes that had seen the world, and gray hair that stood out in every direction.

Her editor continued. “I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, Margaret…”

“Atwood,” Dakota finished with a smile.

“Yes,” Ms. Atwood reached out and shook her hand. “Elise tells me that you could make a hell of a mark on the world with a little guidance. She’s asked me to be your mentor, what do you say?”

The End?


Zip Harrington, Space Mercenary-Part 3

Zip stirred and promptly wished he’d died instead.

His head pounded with the force of twenty-five dancing rhinos. No hangover he’d ever suffered through had split his skull quite like this. He stilled as a thought came, painfully, to him.

Wait…I’m not dead? There’s a metal floor under me, where am I?

Slowly, Zip cracked one eye open and surveyed what he could see without sitting up. He was slumped in an uncomfortable position on a light grey, metal floor. He could feel a vibration running through the floor.

Okay, I’m in a ship. But not mine. The floor is wrong.

The light wasn’t harsh, so he eased his other eye open. He was in an empty room, illuminated by a source he couldn’t see. The walls seemed to curve organically from the floor, as did the ceiling above him, and all of it was the same metal. He should have been cold, between all the metallic surfaces and the blue-tinged light, but he was surprised to be warm.

He patted his body, intending to take excess clothes off, but found himself no longer in his own clothes. They had been removed somehow and replaced by grey pants and a grey tunic-style shirt.  He was barefoot.

“Hello? Is anyone listening?” He called out cautiously.


There was no answer.


Zip waited a moment before repeating himself. “Is anyone there?”

HIs stomach growled, loud in the empty metallic room.


A panel slid open with a whisper, and Zip could see a hallway beyond.


He stood slowly, mindful of the rhinos still dancing on his skull. At the door, he looked both ways, wondering which direction held food.


A blue line lit up a stripe in the floor, leading off to the right.

Zip looked around once more. No space mercenary lived to see old age by letting his guard down. Muscle memory taking over, his right hand went to his hip. But his weapon wasn’t there. He scowled. If his head didn’t hurt so much, he’d be pissed off. He had invested time and credits in that hand-laser, and he wanted it back.

His stomach growled again, and the line in the floor pulsed, as if to hurry him along.

“Damn it, this better not be an ambush,” he muttered as he padded silently down the hall.


To be continued!