Take Your Time – A Review


This is another instalment in the Pine Cone trilogy, and it’s just as charming as Take A Chance. This one though focuses on Grace and Dani and their slow burn romance. It’s a constant push-pull between them, and even though I didn’t think much of Dani at first, I grew to like her bravado and protectiveness. She was so flawed it was hard not to fall for her better side.
You don’t have to read the Pine Cone trilogy in any specific order, and I love the concept of each author taking one of the books. It must have been a challenge writing them, but a lot of fun too.
I’m off to find Missouri Vaun’s contribution now!

You should totally read this book! You can find it at Bold Strokes Books


Desperate – A Review


I enjoyed this novella more than I expected. It’s entertaining escapism to be sure, but I could see a trio of determined sisters pulling off something like this. At least until they got a reputation. But history is peppered with women that were forced to get creative if they didn’t want to make money on their backs, so there is a precedent for this type of creativity. Anyway, each of the sisters stood out on their own. Annabelle and Ruby each grew a backbone after life dealt them a bit of reality and they certainly had grit. Meg was already tough. This is a quick read, but an entertaining one. The cover is a little hokey, but the writing inside is better. The author is an award-winning and best-selling with far more books than just this one that you can find at her website.

I’m pleased to see it launched other stories about the sisters. I plan on looking those up.

You can find the novella at Amazon

Shaken To The Core – A Review


As with most of Jae’s work, I enjoyed it. Normally, I’m not one for historical romances, but Jae seems to be the exception to that. I liked that this book has a connection to Backwards To Oregon (which I also enjoyed). I connected with the characters easily, even Lucy. In the end, I even liked the newspaper editor a little.
And as much as I am tweaked out by rats, I appreciated their presence, if only to make the setting and conditions in San Fransisco a little more realistic. It only makes sense that they would have displaced as well.

It was refreshing to see that it took the main characters so long to admit their feelings for each other, and then even longer to kiss. Within that time frame, it was completely plausible.

I was a little disappointed when it ended, I have to admit. If a sequel ever makes an appearance, I’d absolutely buy it!

You can find ‘Shaken To The Core’ at Ylva Publishing

Is the hammer about to drop on Ontario beer?

This saddened me greatly. I loved Stone Hammer…

Ben's Beer Blog

According to my sources, it will soon be announced that Stone Hammer Brewing in Guelph is closing its doors for good.

While I have not been able to reach the company for confirmation, I’m told that last week employees were told to head home and asked not to return and that production of beer had ceased permanently.

And while it’s unlikely that “lack of shelf space” will be listed as the official cause of death for Stone Hammer Brewing, the closure has me — once again — wondering if the inevitable purge of Ontario craft beer is about to begin.

It’s a topic I seem to be asked about with increasing frequency whenever a reporter is doing a story on craft beer and stumbles upon my blog seeking “industry expertise.” Can Ontario continue to sustain this growth of craft breweries? My answer is always the same, and it’s “No…

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Under A Falling Star – A Review

Another great read from Jae!

Rainbow Reflections


Jae has created a memorable, funny and heartwarming masterpiece of a romance with ‘Under a Falling Star’. Jae consistently manages to create the perfect settings, plots and characters, and weaves them together to make the perfect romance.
In this story Jae uses a little magic to help her characters, Austin and Dee meet and fall in love. She has the story begin in the magical season of the Christmas holidays. She uses a little magic with a wishing Christmas tree and of course the star tree topper that brings the main characters together in a rather startling way.
This story is filled with humor, angst, drama and love; all the elements that you need for a good romance. The characters are believable, and the setting is perfect for the story.
I also enjoyed seeing two old friends, Dawn and Aiden, from Jae’s book ‘Conflict of Interest’. I’ve always liked how…

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If It’s Easy



When a Djinn is discovered inside a popular author’s computer, it’s only the beginning of the strange twist Coriander’s life has taken. Now she’s on the cusp of an out-of-this-world adventure with a beautiful and exotic woman that’s stolen her heart and is offering much, much more than the moon. But this adventure will take Coriander far from home, with no guarantee she’ll get back any time soon.

Can she trust in love enough to take an incredibly large leap of faith? Can she live with herself if she turns down an opportunity of a lifetime?


A sneak peek:

“Here you go.” Devi held out a cold bottle wet with ice-water. “Did you want to sit down? There’s an unoccupied log near the fire.”

Once they were settled, Cori studied the other woman out of the corner of her eye. She was an exotic beauty with clear brown eyes that held flecks of gold, topped by high arching, dark eyebrows and skin that hinted at a heritage in the Middle East. “You have an interesting name, Coriander Wolf.” Her voice was gentle and slightly accented.

Cori ducked her head as she felt her face heat with the compliment. “Thank you. My parents wanted me to have a unique name I guess.”

“I think it’s a lovely name.” Devi leaned slightly toward her. “It reminds me of sunlit meadows.”

Coriander wasn’t often tongue-tied, but she could think of nothing witty or intelligent to say, so she studied the brown bottle in her hands instead.

If It’s Easy is only .99, less than tomorrow’s cup of coffee! You can find it at books2read.com in a variety of storefront for all kinds of reading devices or at Amazon for those of you with a Kindle or the Kindle reading app. If you enjoy the story, please leave a review or let me know via a comment below or an email.

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GreenGage Plots – A Review



This is a brilliant piece of fiction, centered around a small community on an island and two women who live on it. The plot is a brilliant and funny romp through the varied lives and personalities that touch Kit Sorel, the main character. The characters are wonderfully real, funny, quirky and so memorable. Even Petunia. I had no trouble at all picturing the island and it’s important places in my mind as I read this. Emma Sterner-Radley is a wonderfully talented author!
I had a hard time not laughing aloud while reading this in the wee hours of the morning, so be warned. Even my partner, who doesn’t usually get British humor thought the book was hilarious.

Read this, but don’t say I didn’t warn you if you find yourself laughing out loud.

Short Stories of Lucy Maud Montgomery from 1909-1922 – A Review



Foolishly I believed LMM had only written Anne books. Boy, was I wrong! When I was told she had penned hundreds of short stories, I had to go see if I could find any. I was so pleased to find, and read this collection. They all have the same style, breath, and feel of Anne, but with different characters. Sav one story. In one of these short stories, there is a character, and his imaginary friends, that show up in one of the later Anne stories. I was thrilled to find this, and I think I smiled all the way through the story.
Many of these have morals, and all complete themselves in one way or another by the end. This collection is as charming as the Anne books are, and if you only have a few minutes a day to read, pick any of these short stories and find out all over again why Lucy Maud Montgomery is a Canadian treasure.